Gnome boxes 3d acceleration

09.12.2020 By Malajind

And if you did it would be because you failed to realize the implication of this over the next year. When Gnome 3.

Gnome Shell does not have a 2d fallback so if the 3d doesn't work then your stuffed. So when Gnome 3. Thats correct, in about a years time virtual box will have effectively stopped supporting all the major distros of Linux unless the 3d support is fixed.

Now with such a major problem on the horizon you would expect the Virtual Box forums to be buzzing with info on the problem and what is being done to fix it. But it seems completely silent on the issue, if fact I couldn't find anything about it at all on the main website, forum or bug tracker.

Does anyone know what if anything is being done to address this issue. I know they have been working on it and have come a long way in getting it going. You can see that this has been being worked on just by reading the VirtualBox Users Manual. Some support is already available and has been for several versions. Is it there yet? No but I bet it will be by the time it is needed. Gnome Shell still does not work, actually it appears to be worse then before now all I get is the wall paper shown and even that doesn't paint if you resize.

Gnome 3. Also, if Gnome really is going to shoot themselves, they really need to get a non-3D accelerated environment because driver issues are still a thing of the present.

Just for the record, some Open Source drivers, like the ones for ATi and nVidia cards, don't have full 3D support and some don't even support 3D at all. In order to get real 3D, you need to install the proprietary driver and most distro's give a nice notification about that. But if you can't even get your GUI working because of lack in 3D support, Gnome will die pretty much the same day they release it, most if not all major distro's will not include Gnome 3.

Gnome is said to be user friendly, they better keep it that way and not kick out users that don't have 3D options. Read the Forum Posting Guide before opening a topic. Online User Manual : A must read if you want to know what we're talking about. Try searching the forums first with Google and add the site filter for this forum.

GNOME 2. But anyway Since it's Clutter that's making the OpenGL calls on gnome-shell's behalf, it might be useful to inspect the Clutter source code to figure out why it works so poorly with VirtualBox. Which it still does. There are many, many users who are very dissatisfied with Gnome-Shell, and as such it is highly probable that many distros will not impliment it by default.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Ask Ubuntu is a question and answer site for Ubuntu users and developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. So I install a brand new ubuntu I installed both host extensions and guest additions. My host system in a windows I activated the 3D acceleration in my VM settings. The thing is, gnome 3 is not running smooth at all.

No fancy effect or anything. Any lead is welcome, from the good combination of versions to maybe just tell my guest ubuntu how to use the 3D acceleration? So, if you have nothing against using unity instead of gnome still on ubuntu Step to reproduce :. I don't know if it worked this time because I installed unity before the guest extension or because I use the guest extension provided by virtualbox and not from the repo. It would seem it works with unity because unity does not use X11 and virtualbox does not support X11 very well?

I am having the exact same issue as OP. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu I don't know how to report this as a bug but it is definitely a bug in Vbox 3D - Ubuntu Virtualbox supports virtualization provider.

One of them is KVM. You could change it in Virtualbox Settings. Please check Virtualbox documentation about Paravirtualization providers. This may solve 3D Acceleration problem including window dragging. I had problem same as yours. Ubuntu Community Ask! Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Ubuntu Asked 1 year, 11 months ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 6k times. Tom Tom 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges. How is it a duplicate? My vm does not freeze on startup or everit starts with 3D acceleration activated in the vbox settings and a glxinfo inside the VM tells me the direct rendering is activated. Active Oldest Votes. Step to reproduce : install virtualbox 5. Madhan Madhan 1 1 1 bronze badge. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.How does it apply to me? GNOME shell does not seem to work with my video card.

A Beginner's Guide to GNOME Boxes

What can I do? It seems there is no option in the menu to power off my computer?

gnome boxes 3d acceleration

What is the state of the Shell and how can I stay on top of the latest Shell developments? Where can I provide feedback? Are there any extensions? It provides core interface functions like switching to windows and launching applications. GNOME Shell takes advantage of the capabilities of modern graphics hardware and introduces innovative user interface concepts to provide a delightful and easy to use experience. Be relevant and inspiring to a broad spectrum of users.

Help us cope with modern life in a busy world. Help us connect, stay on track, feel at ease and in control. Manage being informed without being disrupted.

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Allow us to get deep in the zone while our next activity only a gesture away — right where it always is. Address the need for a first class technical platform that can meet the challenges of and take advantage of the capabilities of modern computing hardware.

Bring desktop programming into the web age. The same ones that a gazillion teenagers are playing with right now. Provide a clear and consistent guidance to application developers. Apply the lessons of the past and present. We said up front that we are going to do a new GNOME, clean the slate, re-evaluate what it is we are trying to do, what a desktop is, what a personal computer is and what it should be offering.

Present a coherent and compelling design direction for the project. We want to take responsibility for your experience. Respect your time and attention and keep you focused. Provide consistency and coherency. Support a range of abilities from beginner to advanced - while optimizing for intermediates. Be safe and forgiving.Toggle navigation codeverge. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but I figured the question fits best here: I use SSH and VNC to access my work computer from out and about, which means often.

SSH works fine, no problems there. But since I use a tablet with a touchscreen I prefer the large, shiny buttons, etc. Nicely enough, though, it does give me a gnome-panel in TWM, which is kind of what I want, but then again not really. I have tried swapping gnome-shell for gnome-session, but no dice. Any clues? I'd be really excited if I could use gnome in VNC.

Thanks a bunch! See related articles to this posting. Push - anybody got any ideas? Sorry not me : KDE only here.

gnome boxes 3d acceleration

I can definitely understand that, I also prefer KDE when I'm working directly at the computer : Is this perhaps the wrong forum? No I think You're at the perfectly correct place. The problem is that most likely no one that has seen this thread so far knows what your problem might be.

A monitor's attached - I use the computer a couple times a week at my desk there. Anyway, thanks for the tip, but the problem's still there : Any more ideas?

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I use it because I make a lot of maps and need to see them Normally I make them in a terminal, but then I also need to put them together and proof them graphically. I also work on some web UI's and for that I need a real desktop browser. Thanks, that is a great tip and I use X forwarding any time I work on a real computer normally I'm accessing my Linux machine from another Linux machine. My specific issue here is working with a tablet.

It's just unbeatable when I'm working from underway because it's battery holds for a good couple of days. The only problem is that Android doesn't have an X server there's only one site that advertises it and the site seems to be dead for quite some time.

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I hope so! Is your system trying to use the 3D hardware acceleration of your tablet or has no access to the 3D hardware acceleration of your bigger computer server?As each container is independent you can be assured that changes you make in one container will not have any effect on other containers or the host system. The benefit of using GNOME Boxes over Oracle's Virtualbox is that it is easier to set up containers in the first place and there aren't so many settings.

GNOME Boxes starts with a black interface and a message appears stating that you have no boxes setup. You'll see a summary of the system that will be created, highlighting the system that will be installed, the amount of memory which will be assigned to that system and how much disk space will be set aside. It is likely the amount of memory set aside and disk space will be inadequate.

To set aside the amount of memory and disk space you need for your virtual machine, use the slider bars as required. Every machine you add will appear on this screen. You can start a virtual machine or switch to a running virtual machine by clicking on the relevant box.

You are now able to set up the operating system within the virtual machine by running the setup procedure for the operating system you are installing.

gnome boxes 3d acceleration

Note that your internet connection is shared with your host computer and it acts as an ethernet connection. Change various settings while the virtual machine is running by either right-clicking from the main boxes window and choosing properties or clicking the spanner icon in the top right corner within a running virtual machine.

The toolbar floats in from the top. Click the display option on the left side to see options for resizing the guest operating system and for sharing the clipboard.

The icon with a double arrow in the top right toggles between full screen and a scaled window. If the guest operating system still doesn't display in full screen, you may need to change the display settings within the guest operating system itself.

You can also choose to share new USB devices with the guest operating system as they are added and share USB devices already connected. You can take a snapshot of a virtual machine at any point by selecting the Snapshot option from within the properties window.

You can revert to any snapshot by selecting the snapshot and choosing revert to this state. You can also choose to name the snapshot. Linux Switching from Windows.

Re: virtio-gpu 3d acceleration is out. When can we use gnome-boxes playing windows games?

Tweet Share Email. To create a virtual machine click the New button in the top left corner. The first screen you see when you create your first box is a welcome screen. Click Continue in the top right corner.

Click Continue to move to the next screen. Leave enough memory and disk space for the host operating system to function properly.GNOME 3. It contains major new features, as well as many smaller improvements and bug fixes. In total, the release incorporates changes, made by approximately contributors. Asia The user interface is generally more vibrant, using a richer color palette than before.

GNOME applications in 3. Using the same color palette as the user interface, application icons have been redesigned from the ground up.

User images are now consistent across the desktop, represented as a circle.

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Fractional scaling, a frequently requested feature enhancement, is available as an experimental option. It includes several fractional values with good visual quality on any given monitor. This feature is considered experimental, therefore it requires manually adding scale-monitor-framebuffer to the gsettings key org. Once enabled, fractional scaling values will be accessible via the Display panel in Settings.

The on-screen keyboard received another round of improvements this cycle. It now supports an emoji chooser! This extension brings the traditional desktop icons experience back for users and distributions. This allows the application to be controlled by WebDriver.

Reader mode has been enhanced as well. It now features a set of customizable preferences and an improved style. Touchpad users can now take advantage of more gestures when browsing. For example, swipe left or right to go back or forward through browsing history.

Apple won't like this... - Run MacOS on ANY PC

Settings features a new Applications panel. This panel shows resources and permissions for various applications, including installed Flatpak applications. Users are given the option to grant permission to certain resources when requested by the application.

The Sound settings has been redesigned to support a vertical layout and a more intuitive placement of options. The Night Light color temperature can now be adjusted for a warmer or cooler setting. This results in much better performance of graphics-intensive guest applications like games and video editors. GNOME Software has improved handling for apps available from multiple sources, such as Flatpak and distribution repositories.

Flatpak app entries now list the permissions required on the details page, giving users a more comprehensive understanding of what data the software will need access to. Not only that, browsing application details is faster now due to a new XML parsing library used to load AppStream data.

Here are some of them! Google Drive performance has been improved, especially for large collections of files.Opened 6 years ago. Last modified 4 years ago. I have bit Gnome Ubuntu Needless to say, the guest desktop is terribly slow as a result of this. This has worked in older versions of Ubuntu Are you sure that you are using software rendering?

Please run glxinfo from the mesa-utils package to check it should say you are using direct rendering, and the vendor string should be "Chromium" if 3D acceleration is in use. I am experiencing this my Slackware It happens: on a bit Slackware In all of these cases, I'm running VirtualBox 4.

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Steam is agonizingly slow in its screen redraws, and prints the following multiple times to the console:. Now my vendor strings in glxinfo all say Chromium. Steam even refuses to run, and popups up the following message: "Fatal Error: Steam does not run in VirtualBox with 3D acceleration enabled. Try turning off 3D acceleration. I suspect that this is the solution to every "OpenGL is not working in my Linux guest" issue that's been reported since Dugan, thank you for the find.

I don't think that this will solve all of our Linux guest 3D issues, and is in fact probably not related to the original report, but I have certainly fixed that so that it should now work out of the box with Slackware After upgrading both host and guest additions to 4.

I was having the exact same problem with 4. Same version of Ubuntu I also get the error message listed in the original bug report:.

A log file for the guest and the complete Xorg. I've attached my logs from 3. Replying to michael :. If 3D-accelleration is on in the Virtualbox settings, it boots to a black screen. If I then Ctrl-Alt-F5 and type:. I'm using Virtualbox 4. That was indeed the problem. I completely trashed my previous VM and did a clean install and it works fine now.

Thanks for the help! I can reproduce it with freshly installed Ubuntu Gnome